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Governor of Jilin Province Jing Junhai visited Jilin Shibao for investigation

In order to implement the spirit of the important speech and instructions given by General Secretary Jinping during his investigation and investigation in Jilin, on August 10th, governor Jing Junhai and his team of 19 people, in Siping municipal party committee secretary Guo Lingji, municipal party committee deputy secretary, mayor Hu Bin and other major leaders Accompanied by him, he visited our company at 10:40 on the same day for investigation and inspection.

The governor fully affirmed the achievements of Jilin Shibao in the first half of the year and the level of intelligent development, and was full of confidence in the future development of the company. He asked the company to do a solid job of seamless connection between the steering product and the OEM, and urged the company to speed up. The speed of research and development of new products has become a new growth point for corporate profits. The governor attaches great importance to the introduction of talents in enterprises, and orders all relevant departments to introduce preferential policies that are more suitable for talents to take root in order to retain and make good use of talents for enterprises.